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- Earn with Automatron -

You can obtain a partner link by purchasing a 1 year license or by staying on subscription plan for minimum of 6 months. If you are an influencer you can contact us directly and if approved you can obtain a partner link as well.
Scroll down for details.

Paypall payments

Convienent and fast way to withdraw money. Paypall fees will be deducted from your earnings.

Low minimum withdrawal

As soon as you collect 50$ you can withdraw your earnings. Limited to once a month.

Active during license period

Use your balance to renew your license with a 50% discount to extend your participation.

Earn with Automaron

$ 3

For every new customers

New customer indicates a unique machine id.

On their first purchase

First purchase recorded for their machine id.

Using your Partner Link

When they access the website from your partner link.