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"they told me the only thing you cannot buy is time
...well now you CAN"

Automate your input

Send mouse clicks and key strokes with your full controll. Autofill forms, close annoying pop ups.

Conditional execution

Perform actions when sample is found on screen or text is found in the file. Control the flow of the program based on the conditions and events. 

Gain free time

Automate boring and repetative tasks and gain valuable free time.

Automatron is a software which is currently in the development the aim of which is to automate various activities performed on the computer. We are currewntly in the Open Beta phase which means bugs still can be found. What distinguishes our program from others is a pixel recognition system that allows Automatron to monitor what is happening on the screen or in a specific window and perform appropriate actions on this basis. We are far from classifying Automatron as a specialized tool dedicated mainly to testing, because it can be widely used in various activities.

The base idea is to provide user with a set of simple premade modules that can be put into a chain of automated events. Chain can split into many different paths to cover different scenarios. On the top of that everything can be looped and repeated. We are constantly expanding our software with new functionalities and we are open to comments from our users.

Mateusz K.

Co Founder of Automatron

Try it for free

Try Automatron with all it's powerfull features. 
Time restricted version with no save option.


$ Free  

  • Try Automatron for free with all of it's powerful features
  • + all features
  • - no save option
  • - time limited demo


  • Use Automatron with all of it's powerful features and be able to save and load all your automated tasks
  • + all features
  • + save your work

All in

  • The same features of Standard with the save and load options, price discount, and a partner program link
  • + all features
  • + save your work
  • + 2 months for free
  • + partner program


$ 600 per year

  • Automatron license with all it's powerful features for business or commercial use
  • + all features
  • + save your work
  • + commercial use